RRC Structure and Staff Reference List

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  • Download a copy of the RRC staff reference list, including contact information for each unit. (pdf)
  • Questions about RRCs and correspondence for the RRC-L@lists.umn.edu Listserv: ubudget@umn.edu.
  • Resource Reponsibility Centers are nodes in Level 3 of the RRC_FISCAL tree (for those writing their own reports).

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RRC College/Unit
AAPRV Academic Affairs & Provost, Sr VP
AESXX Agricultural Experiment Station
AHCSH AHC Shared Units
ATHLX Intercollegiate Athletics
AUDIT Internal Audit
AUXSV Auxiliary Services
CBSXX College of Biological Sciences
CCEXX College of Continuing Education
CEHDX College of Education/Human Dev
CFANS College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
CLAXX College of Liberal Arts
CONTR Controller's Office
CPPMX Capital Planning/Project Mgmt
CSENG College of Science & Engineering
CSOMX Carlson School of Management
DENTX School of Dentistry
DESGN College of Design (CDES)
EQDIV Equity & Diversity
ERPXX Enterprise Resource Planning
FMXXX Facilities Management
GPSTR GPS Alliance
GRADX Graduate School
HHHXX Humphrey School of Public Affairs
HLSCI Health Sciences, VP
LAWXX Law School
LIBRX University Libraries
MEDXX Medical School
MNEXT U of M Extension
NURSG School of Nursing
OGCXX General Counsel
OHRXX Office of Human Resources
OITXX Information Technology
PHARM College of Pharmacy
PRESD Office of the President
PUBHL School of Public Health
PUBSF Public Safety
RGNTS Board of Regents
RSRCH Research
STDAF Student Affairs
UEDUC Undergraduate Education
UFINX University Budget & Finance
UHLSF University Health & Safety
UMCXX UM Crookston
UMRXX UM Rochester
URELX University Relations
USERV University Services
VETMD College of Veterinary Medicine